Frequently Asked Questions


Do you serve papers anywhere in the United States?
Yes.  MLQ can get papers served anywhere in the U.S. and in many foreign countries.

How much does service of process cost?
Pricing for service of process is dependent on 2 factors:  1.)  where the papers are to be served, and 2.)  when the papers need to be served.

Are process servers required to be appointed in Georgia?
Yes.  A process server must be appointed by the court in which papers were filed.  Because of our large size and long history, we have process servers permanently appointed in almost all counties and courts that permit it.  If they are not permanently appointed, then we can have them appointed by Motion and Order.

How quickly can you serve papers?
In many cases, we can serve papers the same day the order is placed.  This will depend on when we receive the papers, and the location for service of process.

If I place an order as Routine, when will you pick-up the documents from our office?
Routine service of process orders are attempted no later than the second day after the day the order was placed, unless it was on a Friday, which would make the first attempt on Monday.  We could pick-up the documents the day the order is placed, the day after, or the day of the first attempt.

Can you handle high-volume service of process business?
Yes.  High-volume service of process for dispossessories, collections, and related businesses is a specialty for MLQ Attorney Services.  We have over 40 process servers in the field most days, and have developed sophisticated tracking and reporting systems for our high-volume clients.

Do you provide real-time updates of completed service of process jobs?
Yes.  In fact, MLQ Attorney Services provides online updates for not only completed service of process orders, but also all service attempts.  This ensures our clients know exactly what has been done on their jobs at all time.

What can your company do that the Sheriff or Marshal cannot do?
There are a number of things we can do as a private company such as rush service, real-time information and communication, flexibility, serves across multiple counties and jurisdictions.  Also, our process servers are dressed in regular clothes as opposed to a law enforcement uniform, which makes server recipients less likely to try to avoid them.

Do I need to provide a Proof of Service for the process server to sign?
We prepare our own Affidavit of Service, or we can use a client provided one.

Do you file Proofs of Service?
Yes.  We automatically file at no charge in the metro-Atlanta courts, which include Fulton, Gwinnett, DeKalb, Cobb, Henry, Clayton and Paulding Counties.  If you require filing in any other court, please contact our Client Service Team for a price quote.

How long does it take to receive an out-of-town Proof of Service?
It can take over a week to receive a Proof of Service.  However, if you require immediate receipt of an affidavit, please contact our Client Service Team and we will make accommodations.

How long does it take your process server to sign and return an Affidavit of Special Appointment?
Our goal is to have the Affidavit signed and mailed by the next business day.  We general send these Affidavits via regular mail, but expedited return is available upon request.

Do you file Fulton County e-filing Affidavits for Magistrate Court?
No.  These must be filed by the filing attorney.  However, we provide you with a copy of the Affidavit and the Server’s Appointment via email so you can file it within the 5-day requirement.  We also send you hard copies of the Affidavits for your records.

What type of technology do your process servers use?
All of our process servers in Georgia have handheld devices that allow them to capture important verification information at each service attempt.  This includes an audio recording of the dialogue and time/date stamped GPS photos of the service location.