Courthouse Research and Document Retrieval

It is widely accepted that the quality of courthouse research depends largely on the skills of the researcher.  Speed and accuracy are determined by the researcher’s familiarity with the resources available to complete the project.  All of these factors ultimately affect the cost to the client.

The field researchers at MLQ Attorney Services have hands-on experience with completing projects on-time and on-budget.  In fact, the high volume of repetitive research work we do allows us to know the answers to the most important questions involved in the retrieval process:

  • Is the relevant information kept at the courthouse or other municipal or state building?
  • Are the materials available digitally, in hardcopy, or both?
  • How far do records go back, and can special requests be made for earlier data?
  • What is the least expensive way to procure the information?
  • Who at the records location can provide help on special requests or hard to find items?
  • What are the protocols for security, hours or operation, reserving research rooms, and file removal?
  • What information can only be obtained from the Clerk of Court, versus what is available to outside researchers in the courthouse?

It is common for our research experts to retrieve documents the same day as requested, and have them immediately emailed, faxed, or delivered via overnight mail.

Documents Available for Retrieval

If a document is available in any media, at any location, our researchers will find it.  We have experience researching and obtaining dozens of document types, including:

  • Residential and commercial property deeds, mortgages, releases, titles, and liens.
  • UCC and security interest documents.
  • Marriage licenses and birth and death certificates.
  • Building permits and zoning information.
  • Real property plats, surveys, and easements.
  • Ancestry and genealogy.
  • Judgments and liens.
  • Civil and criminal filings.
  • Wills and powers of attorney.

Contact Cost Effective Courthouse Researchers

If you are need of a legal document, court filing, or simply need an answer to a question that requires a trip to an administrative building, contact the Research Team at MLQ Attorney Services.  It’s very likely we are familiar with the process required to meet your request and deadline.  Please call us at (800) 446-8794 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required for document retrieval in Atlanta, throughout Georgia, and across the U.S.