Service of Process

Speed.  Coverage.  Affordability.  Service.  For more than 30 years, these are the things our customers have demanded from MLQ Attorney Services.  And we have consistently delivered… which is why we have earned the business of over 1,000 law firms nationwide and 24 of the largest 25 law firms in Atlanta.  It’s also why we were recently voted the  top process serving company  in Georgia by attorneys and administrators in The Daily Report’s “Best Of” edition.

Cutting Edge Technology Provides Solid Serves and Real Time Updates

MLQ is one of the only companies in the nation to utilize electronic handhelds on all service attempts.  Our process servers are able to capture time-stamped photo and audio recordings as well as GPS latitude and longitude of service attempts and completions.*  As an added benefit to our customers, all information is available online and in real-time on MLQ’s secure website.  For our customers, these technological advances make all the difference, as they are able to know our professionals are working hard to complete service, and also that their records of attempts and successful serves are accurate and complete.

Size Equals Wide Geographic Coverage and Speed

MLQ Attorney Services is one of the largest process serving companies  in the U.S., and the largest in Georgia.  The nature of process serving makes this a significant advantage, and gives our Team the ability to:

  • Keep prices low on less-time-sensitive jobs by having the same server complete multiple jobs in a given geographic area.
  • Serve papers in rural regions and difficult to travel areas.
  • Serve papers SAME DAY or RUSH when necessary.
  • Stake-out hard to find persons and hidden locations.
  • Utilize the very latest in technology to increase serve success rates.
  • Share creative serve techniques amongst our servers that make everyone better.
  • Handle high-volume such as those related to dispossessory proceedings.

When you need to have a service of process completed… on-time…  and within budget, MLQ is your partner.

Large In-Office Staff Provides Unmatched Customer Service

In addition to our large field Team, MLQ has over 20 professionals in our headquarters every day.  This experienced Team works to ensure our customers receive the very highest levels of service and responsiveness. They are also excellent problem solvers, and bring experience, technical knowledge, and a commitment to get things done as promised to each project.  They are also incredibly familiar with local and out-of-state service requirements and court appointments of servers

There is no shortage of process serving companies in Atlanta or anywhere for that matter.  But there are none that provide the coverage, experience, and commitment to excellence that MLQ Attorney Services offers.  Whether you need a rush service of process in Georgia or anywhere in the country, or need to find someone anywhere in the country or overseas , contact our office today at (800) 446-8794 or by email at email hidden; JavaScript is required

* All service of process jobs in Georgia will have this feature.  Other states will vary based on their specific laws.